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As the yearly temperatures rise, personal comfort is becoming more important to everyone, especially in the home. Breeze is here to bring you this comfort by making air conditioning affordable to everyone.

Split systems have become evermore popular within the UK. The air conditioners we use are extremely energy efficient with energy ratings of at least ‘A’. Systems are extremely quiet with sound pressure levels from 19dBA incorporating modern features such as wifi allowing you to control your home from your phone.


Humid, sleepless nights, cold winter mornings?

Our air con solutions and units are perfect for keeping you comfortable with the addition of quiet and sleep/timer settings as standard. So before you go to bed, just set your desired temperature and let the system do the rest.

Lounge / Reception Room

Finding the perfect temperature everyday.

Ever thought of being able to control your living environment so that you can have your desired temperature all year round? Our installations will deliver a smart, unobtrusive way to achieve this.


Too cold in the Winter or too hot in the Summer?

Our units are the ideal solution to make your conservatory more comfortable in both the summer and the winter months, ensuring that you have the perfect temperature all year round.

Quick Quote

We know through our many previous customers that we offer probably the best price you will find, and encourage you to inform us if you are offered a better quotation.

Premium Equipment from the leading manufacturers

Due to the excellent manufacturing quality, all of the top brand air conditioning systems offer long operational life and proved warranty.

Fujitsu Mitsubishi Toshiba Refcom Daikin