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Products Excellent Range of Air Conditioning Units

Wall Mounted System

Probably the most popular system to be installed, ideal for all types of room, duties range from 2kw -10. Also available in a range of colours and designer styles.

Portable Units

If you are looking to cool a room as quickly and cheap as possible we can supply you with a range of portable units. During busy periods we keep these in stock for same-day delivery in Essex or next-day is available.

Floor or Ceiling System

These units can be floor mounted or ceiling mounted and are perfect for conservatories/bedrooms when a wall mounted unit cannot be used.

Ceiling Cassette System

Fitting into the ceiling void of offices, restaurants and shops this system offers excellent coverage. If no ceiling void is available, the under ceiling four-way blow system is an alternative option.

Concealed Ducted System

A totally concealed system producing cooling/heating via grills connected to ductwork flexible or rigid. This type of system can be installed in the ceiling floor or wall. Favoured in buildings under construction especially larger buildings/commercial premises.

Ceiling Suspended System

A popular option for industrial buildings when wall space is tight. This slim below ceiling one-way blow system is ideal for long narrow rooms. Its powerful fan distributes up to 14kw of heating or cooling to a maximum of 10 metres. It also has controllable louvers to angle air flow.

Quick Quote

We know through our many previous customers that we offer probably the best price you will find, and encourage you to inform us if you are offered a better quotation.

Premium Equipment from the leading manufacturers

Due to the excellent manufacturing quality, all of the top brand air conditioning systems offer long operational life and proved warranty.

Fujitsu Mitsubishi Toshiba Refcom Daikin