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From offices, retail premises to industrial units and multi storey buildings, there is a complete range and full design backup for any environment. Our engineers are able to work around your business with the minimum disruption to your staff and daily working routine.

Central plant systems are employed and can serve up to as many areas as required with individual controls to each room or master control over the whole building or individual grouped zones.

Providing a comfortable working environment increases productivity amongst your staff and provides an enjoyable atmosphere for your customers / clients.

Using an air conditioning system to provide your heating offers up to 60% lower running costs than conventional fossil fuels. All controls offer a multitude of functions allowing 24 hour, 7-day timing control. Heat / cooling volume outputs to each zone and very low maintenance / service requirements. The list below shows the many commercial/retail premises that are Breeze customers all who have benefited from our design service involving mechanics, aesthetics and budgetary requirements.

Ideal for all commercial spaces

Offices, Restaurants, Doctors Surgeries, Computer Rooms, News Agents, Warehouses, Schools, Shops, Vertinary Surgeries, Pubs/Night Clubs, Fast Food Outlets, Dental Surgeries

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We know through our many previous customers that we offer probably the best price you will find, and encourage you to inform us if you are offered a better quotation.

Premium Equipment from the leading manufacturers

Due to the excellent manufacturing quality, all of the top brand air conditioning systems offer long operational life and proved warranty.

Fujitsu Mitsubishi Toshiba Refcom Daikin